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Admissions (Taken from the School’s Admission Policy)

Children must by law, start school at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. However, the Governors have decided that we shall admit reception children as one intake at the commencement of the Autumn Term prior to their 5th birthday.

All admissions for this school are dealt with centrally by Lincolnshire County Council Admissions Team.

Admissions Policy Factors

i. expressions of parental preference for schools;
ii. medical reasons why the school is most suitable;
iii. established family connection: for instance a brother or sister already at the school;
iv. convenience of access including –

a. distance of the applicant’s residence from the school;
b. the extent to which, if not admitted, there is an alternative school which is similarly accessible;
c. the nature of the route from the applicant’s residence to the school;
d. the availability of transport;
(the application of this criterion will, in the majority of cases, result in pupils living close to the school being given a higher priority than those living further away).

When allocating places all applicants must be treated on an equal basis at the time when the allocations are made and that it is not, for example, acceptable to offer places on a first come first served basis by means of a waiting list.

If admission is refused due to the school being “full” parents will be given every assistance in the appeal process.

Please click the links to download our Admissions Policy and to see Lincolnshire Admissions Policies

Link: Lincolnshire Admission Policies

Online application form

File icon: pdf Lincolnshire-County-Council-Primary-Community-and-Voluntary-Controlled-Schools-Admissions-Policy-2016 (1) [pdf 166KB] Click to download