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Middle Rasen Primary School

Board Of Governors academic year 2017-2018

The Board Of Governors Are As Follows:

Office Name Term of Office
Headteacher – Ex Officio Rachel Moreton Open
Parent (Chairman) Mr M Perry Resigned May 2018
Parent Mrs Christina Starling to  5th December 2021
Co-Opted   Mrs J Trotter Resigned June 2018
Local Authority Dr J Lindley-Baker to 5th September 2020
Co-Opted ( Co Vice Chair) Mr J Green resigned August 2018
Staff Governor          Mrs P Wilson to 31st August 2020
Co-Opted Mrs Caroline Kiernan to 25th May 2021
Parent Mr D Lowles to 18th February 2021


Mr Jamie Craik to 5th December 2021
Co-Opted Mrs Claire Salton to 11th Jult 2022
Parent Governor Mr Simon Davies Resigned December 2017
Co- Opted Mjr Quinn Hough Resigned May 2017


File icon: pdf Middle Rasen Code-of-Conduct - December 2017 [pdf 617KB] Click to download

Areas of responsibility

SEND – Dr J Lindley-Baker

Safeguarding and LAC - Caroline Kiernan

Finance Chair and pupil premium– Jonathon Green

Curriculum and data - Mike Perry

Health and safety - David Lowles 

Governing Body academic Year 2016-2017

2015 / 2016 – Academic Cycle – Attendance Record

Governor Position No. Meetings Held Attended
Mr M Perry Chair 6 6
Mr J Green Vice Chair 6 6
Mrs M Brunton Head Teacher 6 6
Mr A Wells Staff 6 4
Mrs J Trotter   6 6
Dr M Vickers  - resigned effective 11.2/16   6 3
Mr G Dixon   6 5
Mr S Davies   6 6
Dr J Lindley-Baker   6 4
Mr PJ Hough - appointed 3/12/15   6 3