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Our School Staff

Headteacher: Mrs R Moreton


Class 1 (Reception)

Mrs James and Mrs Hickling


Class 2 (Y1 and Y2)

Mrs Wilson
Class 3 (Y3 and Y4) Mrs Porter and Mrs Sarhan (Maternity coverfor Mrs Thatcher-Bell)
Class 4 (Y5 and Y6) Mr Dobbs

Spanish teacher

Mrs Forman
Teaching assistants 


Mrs Cooper

Mrs Butler

Mrs Doughty

Ms Davies (Apprentice teaching assistant) 

Mrs O'Brian

Midday supervisors

Mrs Quinlan (senior supervisor)

Mrs Edser, Mrs Truelove, Ms Heywood, Mrs Duncombe, Mrs Faulkner

Administrator (mornings only) Mrs Rowles
School Business Manager Mr Adams
Data Protection Officer Laura Kirk
Caretaker Mr Burkill