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School History

The Middle Rasen Undenominational School, soon to be known as the “Middle Rasen Board School” was opened on October 5th 1874 with 63 pupils who were said to be “rough but improving in order”.  The Building was unfinished and they had “neither books nor school apparatus save a few tattered remnants from the Dames School”.  In the early years, the Master was pre-occupied with the non-payment of fees, children absent through work on the land; and the yearly inspection of Her Majesty’s Inspector.

Prior to the turn of the century the school had a football and cricket team; the children had been shown a gramophone and a cinemagraphic show; they had a small library; and a Pupil Teacher had “headed the boys in a street riot”.

During the First World War children collected eggs to donate to “the Military Hospital in Lincoln for the use of the wounded”; and “23 stones of chestnuts for the use of H. M. Government”.  There were the beginnings of organised meals and drinks for those children who stopped at school in the lunch break.

H. M. Inspectors in the 1920’s & 30’s concentrated on the teaching of Religious Knowledge.  In the 1930’s a school garden was started and educational trips were made to Liverpool and London.  On the 1st September 1939 evacuees from Richmond Hill School, Leeds arrived at Middle Rasen School.

In 1987 an extra classroom was provided and a covered way erected between the two sites.

1992/93 saw major refurbishment/remodelling programme which replaced the temporary teaching areas.  It includes 2 new classrooms, new hall, entrance area and an administration block consisting of head’s room, staffroom and secretary’s office plus an extended playground.

The new extensions were formally opened by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend Robert Hardy.  He unveiled a plaque at a ceremony attended by children, parents, friends, staff and governors on Friday November 18th 1994.

The ceremony coincided with the 120th anniversary of the school and to mark the occasion the Friends of the School presented staff and children with a glass engraved paperweight.