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Middle rasen Primary School Ethos

Our ethos is built around respect, equality, responsibility, believing in yourself, learning, enjoyment and striving to succeed. These are connected to everything we do at school; ensuring that every child reaches their own personal goals and most importantly their potential. It is our aim that every child is able to look back on their time at Middle Rasen with pride, having the confidence to achieve anything in their future life.

We feel that our small size is one of our greatest strengths; enabling positive relationships between pupils, staff and the families and community that we serve.

We strive to provide an outstanding education through harnessing the latest technology whilst not forgetting the importance of time spent learning in our fantastic environment. We set high expectations for both pupils and staff.

We want both our children and our staff to feel confident to take risks and believe that anything is possible, through hard work, determination and collaboration. School’s curriculum enables staff to make the changes necessary to reflect the interests of the children, whilst ensuring that there is progression in skills and complete curriculum coverage.